Friday, May 15, 2009

The Test Of Time

After reading one of the blogs that I follow regularly It got me thinking about how much and indeed how little bikes have changed over the years. There are bikes now with dozens of gears and Frames made from the lightest materials known to man. Cast your mind back though to the bikes of yesteryear the no nonsense no bells and whistles ( well perhaps maybe a bell) vehicles that our ancestors rode around on. Their purpose was simple to get from one point to the other as quickly as possible.

The bike in the picture belonged to my grandmother ( and her mother before her) , She has now since passed away but her bike lives on and is still in perfect working order ( albeit a little squeaky) I wonder how far it has traveled over the years in all sorts of weather, How many roads its been down and still it survives. I also wonder if the bikes of today would be able to last as long with all their new age mechanics and technological advances would they stand the test of time?

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