Thursday, May 21, 2009

Wheres all the wisdom gone

Well I have just had my two lower wisdom teeth out a couple of hours ago, The numbness has worn off and OMG its hurts so I most likely wont be going on any adventures for a while. Just thought I would post this here quickly to let my 3 loyal followers know that the View is on a slight break but will be back in action as soon as possible

Monday, May 18, 2009

A run of bad luck lately

Still Haven't been able to get out on the bike, Stupid Health getting in the way. Really missing the open road and dodgeing traffic lol.. But I have been doing some bike maintence which was well overdue so now my bike is back in tip top condition ready and waiting for me to sort myself out and get back in the saddle.
Here's hoping that it wont be too long till that day .. Fingers crossed :)

Friday, May 15, 2009

The Test Of Time

After reading one of the blogs that I follow regularly It got me thinking about how much and indeed how little bikes have changed over the years. There are bikes now with dozens of gears and Frames made from the lightest materials known to man. Cast your mind back though to the bikes of yesteryear the no nonsense no bells and whistles ( well perhaps maybe a bell) vehicles that our ancestors rode around on. Their purpose was simple to get from one point to the other as quickly as possible.

The bike in the picture belonged to my grandmother ( and her mother before her) , She has now since passed away but her bike lives on and is still in perfect working order ( albeit a little squeaky) I wonder how far it has traveled over the years in all sorts of weather, How many roads its been down and still it survives. I also wonder if the bikes of today would be able to last as long with all their new age mechanics and technological advances would they stand the test of time?

3 days and counting

Well it's been 3 days since Ive been out on the bike due to health issues. I am beginning to go a little stir crazy around here so have been filling the hours with reading mags and blogs on biking. Ive become a fan of " Mountain Biking UK" magazine mainly due to the fantastic reviews of all the new MTB models, And have also found some great blogs online if i can't get on my bike at least I can read of others adventures on two wheels.
I am hoping to hit the trails tomorrow though come rain or shine as 3 days is just about my limit. I also need to invest in a new Hi-Vis Jacket or vest as I am a major believer in making it impossible for cars.trucks,buses or anything bigger and faster then me on a bike to not see me so the brighter the better in my opinion!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

High Heels and High Hopes

There is a new wave of cyclists, Many of whom are more interested in fashion then fitness.
chic cycling as its being called sees the bike being taken to the heart of the fashion world as style conscious women discover that the bike is a brilliant way of getting around be it for work or just for fun.
these women can be seen wearing the latest hot of the catwalk styles as they pedal their way along the high streets. Gone are the days of Lycra and fluorescent kit.
But I do have to wonder if this new hype has its drawbacks. for example is it safe to be speeding along pushing the pedals in High heels? There is also the visibility factor to consider I very much doubt that a chic cyclist would be seen wearing a hi vis vest never mind a helmet because god forbid they may get helmet hair.
That said though it is a boost for the cycling world as more people women especially are embracing the realm of two wheels. Being a mountain bike gal myself it does sadden me a little though as bikes are brilliant powerful machines finely tuned to deliver a top notch workout and should be treated as such not simply become a fashion accessory. Every time I see a bike with a basket decorated with flowers on the front I get a flash back to the " Dog in the Handbag" its just not natural in my opinion but then again that's what this is all about opinions everyone has the right to theirs and If this new movement is the opinion of some who am I to argue?
But I can safely say that I will never ever be joining that movement give me speed, Dirt and a forest trail any day!

( images for this post found on google search I do not own these pics nor do I claim to)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Close calls, Near misses all in a days ride

Well today was bright and sunny with a slight breeze perfect for getting out and about, So after I'd finished doing some house work etc I once again packed my bag with the essentials ( water, spare cash,ID, and of course the trusty waterproofs because the weather can change in a second here on the emerald isle). I gave my bike the quick once over slapped on my helmet and took off.
The roads were surprisingly busy today and I had my fair share of close calls most drivers are ok and will give you enough space to ride safely but then there are the few that seem to go out of their way to push you as close to the verge as possible and they seemed to be out in force today.
So anyways Id decided to head to the forest and do some trail work for a little while the ground was perfect nice and dry but not loose. I spent about an hour there then went on to visit my friend who lives about eight miles away from the woods.
After a nice afternoon of catching up and coffee drinking it was once again time to hit the road and try to avoid the blind/inconsiderate drivers on the way home.
All in all I did about 11 miles give or take a few inches. And right now I'm tired hot and hungry but still feel the sense of achievement that comes with every good days biking.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Gel Cover- Review

I have recently purchased a " gel saddle cover" for my mountain bike as the original saddle was quite uncomfortable after long periods of use.

The description included

  • Soft Padded Top

  • Stretch Fit

  • Extra Gel For Comfort

Which is all true but after having used it for two days I've got to say that It's not worth the money. The gel becomes compressed when you sit on it for long enough and that is just as painful if not more so as it was with the original non covered saddle.

Also it's wider around the edges so there is quite a bit of thigh chaffing, And it does seem to add some weight to the bike admittedly not a lot but enough to notice.

But perhaps the most annoying fault that I have found is the fact that it absorbs moisture, Unlike the conventional saddles of leather or plastic which can be wiped dry.

So when riding in the rain it's like having a heavy duty sponge stuck to your bike and you can guarantee a soggy bottom by the end of the day!

Of course this is just my opinion and what Ive found- final statement " Don't waste your time, Money or Energy on a gel saddle cover"

Hitting the trails

Yesterday was an awesome day for biking, I took off just after 10am, The weather was actually not half bad although there was the threat of scattered showers so I packed my bag including my waterproofs and headed out.

I'd heard about some good trails in Ravensdale forest, I've never been there before so thought it's now or never.

The ride over takes about 50mins mostly uphill but there are a lot of things to see along the way like the equestrian centre, I stopped there for a while then reached the woods.

The trails were brilliant with smooth jumps, the downhill descents were awesome even if a little muddy from the previous days rain.

After about an hour of exploring I headed home just as the first heavy shower hit.

I was happy I had remembered the waterproofs!

A quick shot of one of the small trails

Friday, May 8, 2009

Cat and Mouse

Got Up quite early this morning with the plan of hitting the road before the school buses and kids over took it entirely, Looked out the kitchen window to see that a light spatter of rain had begun, Nothing unusual about that its Ireland it rains 99% of the time.
So after a slice of toast, Some coffee and a cigarette ( unfortunately I haven't quite managed to give up the dreaded weed just yet) I packed my bag with the essentials got my bike out and was on my way.
I don't usually plan my route just go where the mood takes me so I headed north for a while at a leisurely pace.
The newborn lambs where jumping in the fields and the birds were twittering away the light rain was actually quite refreshing I was enjoying the morning air immensely.
I noticed a couple of cyclists up ahead, These guys were the serious kind with the spandex shorts and speedy bikes so as a little challenge I decided to catch them up, One of them noticed what i was up to and made some comment to his partner probably about the little mountain bike on their tail. after a few seconds I was riding right next to them I said good morning and one guy waved then the race began they shifted into high gear and took off.
Not to be out done I did the same and once again to their surprise I was right next to them. This game of cat and mouse continued for another few minutes until i got bored and headed off down a little lane on the right.
My knees where starting to ache a little after all the pumping to keep up but I was quite pleased with myself and proud of my little bike It didn't let me down.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

The begining

There is nothing like getting out there in the fresh air, Feeling the cool breaze on your face as you whiz down country lanes on a bike.
Cycling is the greener way to travel it's inexpensive and you feel so much better knowing that you powered your own journey.
Getting started couldn't be easier all you need is a good road worthy bike, A helmet and the dertermination to give it a go.
I was a late comer to the world of two wheels but now it is second nature.
My bike of choice at the moment is a " Probike Escape" Mountain bike. Some people say that mountain bikes aren't suited for road riding because they are too heavy etc. But for where i live its ideal as the roads have quite a few potholes and are often flooded or muddy, So the grip that mountain tyres offer is most certainly needed.
I have already completed a few day trips this year and this blog is basically going to be my experiances be they good or bad.
I will also offer some maintence and equipment help and support along the way. And hopefully will learn more aswell.
So until the next time- Have fun on two wheels, Live to ride and ride to live and remember safety first!