Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Close calls, Near misses all in a days ride

Well today was bright and sunny with a slight breeze perfect for getting out and about, So after I'd finished doing some house work etc I once again packed my bag with the essentials ( water, spare cash,ID, and of course the trusty waterproofs because the weather can change in a second here on the emerald isle). I gave my bike the quick once over slapped on my helmet and took off.
The roads were surprisingly busy today and I had my fair share of close calls most drivers are ok and will give you enough space to ride safely but then there are the few that seem to go out of their way to push you as close to the verge as possible and they seemed to be out in force today.
So anyways Id decided to head to the forest and do some trail work for a little while the ground was perfect nice and dry but not loose. I spent about an hour there then went on to visit my friend who lives about eight miles away from the woods.
After a nice afternoon of catching up and coffee drinking it was once again time to hit the road and try to avoid the blind/inconsiderate drivers on the way home.
All in all I did about 11 miles give or take a few inches. And right now I'm tired hot and hungry but still feel the sense of achievement that comes with every good days biking.

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